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JDs Driveby !!!

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

A quick way to find those hidden gems in Tokyo and have a great dining experience and great food on a budget.

I started this sight while working at night clubs and restaurant bars and getting off late. I would drive around and see a door or an ad in front of the place and roll the dice. Bamm !! it would be a great restaurant an very pleasant experience. After hours people are more relaxed and very open.

I don't have a preference or favorite food. It just needs to be cooked good and must be tasty. I do look at service and staff cleanliness and hygeine.

I've worked at one of the best that Tokyo has to offer and I know what quality service is and what it has to offer its clients.

I didn't start out critiquing these spots but I had to tell everyone about these. There are some spots out there that have the name and reputation but SUCK in every other facet.

Those who know me, know that I like to cook and I've been known to get a compliment or two. So why not give my opinion .

So here are my true feelings and if I make some upset,then you know what you have to do. It would be the same if you came to my show/concert and didn't like what you heard...

James Diamond Durant aka Kuma-san, James Diamond and Monte' Rock. Peace.


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James Diamond Durant
James Diamond Durant
Jun 09, 2020

COVID-19 has stopped us dead in our tracks !!!. As a result many have been cooking at home. I too am one of those who decided to cook every day since this lockdown, state of emergency or whatever it has been called in your neck of the woods.

I will take this time to highlight my creations and what I've been doing since this all took place.


James Diamond Durant
James Diamond Durant
Apr 08, 2020

These are only my opinions. Please try for yourself and let me know.


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